Games Daily

Hello there, My name is Peter Martin. I am the author for the Games Daily blog.  As an experienced developer and beta tester in the business, I will offer personal insight, hidden facts, and information about upcoming games/consoles that you never knew existed.  And best of all, insider information from developers.  

All through my internet life I have seen websites post information about upcoming games and/or consoles which was entirely false.  These were literally 100% incorrect rumours that helped nobody. In fact, rumours about upcoming products just make you not want it anymore.  This is because they are FALSE.  

I will only be posting legitimate information that has been confirmed by at least one developer for whatever product is discussed. But, if a rumour comes along that I believe is possible, I will post it with  [RUMOUR] in the title.  

Posts will be everyday and they will be random, so keep checking. I will simply post news as soon as I get it. (I do not get my news from google or other news sites, I have my own sources).